Calibre 7.0 comes with innovative notes feature, audio EPUB support, and other enhancements

In what can be considered a significant development, Kovid Goyal, the developer behind Calibre, has announced the launch of Calibre 7.0 — the latest stable version of the renowned, cross-platform, and open-source e-book management software. As 9To5Linux reported, this major update, arriving over a year after Calibre 6.0, unveils groundbreaking features that promise to redefine the user experience.

Here are all that makes the latest build of Calibre special.

Dynamic Notes Storage

Calibre 7.0 empowers users with the ability to store notes enriched with links, images, and rich text formatting. Authors, series, publishers, tags, and related elements now have dedicated spaces for notes. The app allows seamless searching, browsing, and linking of these notes, which can also be exported as standalone HTML files.

Audio EPUB Support

A game-changer in the e-book realm, Calibre 7.0 introduces support for “Audio EPUB” books, featuring pre-recorded voices reading the text. Developer Kovid Goyal however said the feature might run into issues on Linux systems due to patented codecs.

Enhanced Data Management

Addressing a long-standing user request, Calibre now enables the storage and management of “data” files associated with a book. Adding extra data files is a breeze—simply select the book, right-click the “Add books” button, and choose the “Add data files to selected book records” option.

Private Recycle Bin

Calibre now comes with its own Recycle Bin which circumvents the recycle bin that the operating system provides by default. This allows for a safeguard against accidental deletions as users can effortlessly restore a book and its metadata with a single click. This way, the Recycle Bin allows for easy browsing of recently deleted books.

Additional Enhancements

HTML Image Maps: Calibre 7.0 introduces support for HTML image maps in the E-book viewer.

Streamlined Tag and Author Management: A new “Show items in selected books” option simplifies tag and author management.

Content Server Updates: The content server now boasts a convenient button to return to the Book Details page at the top level of controls, along with the ability to showcase the three most recently added books in the default library.

Expanded News Sources

Calibre 7.0 widens its horizons with support for new news sources, including Bookforum, Kirkus Reviews, and Poetry Magazine. Existing sources, such as the Financial Times, National Geographic, Bloomberg, and Wall Street Journal, receive enhanced support.

Stability and Reliability

A slew of bug fixes and issue resolutions enhances the stability and reliability of Calibre 7.0. you can refer to the full changelog for a comprehensive overview of all the enhancements that the latest build of Calibre comes with.

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