BSG #95: Credit Card Tingling / A Magical Girl Retires

Is your credit card tingling? That’s because this week we’re talking about A Magical Girl Retires by Park Seolyeon. Join the squad for a discussion about the magical rules of this book, climate change as a villain, magical girl romance hopes, and how the book pushes against magical girl type. Then we get into some listener feedback about Come and Get It. (Do you have feedback? Send it to us!) Get ready for our next Othersode on 7/23 where Susie Dumond, author of Looking for a Sign, will join us to talk about Bottoms. Then read along for our next Bookpisode about Happiness Falls by Angie Kim on 8/6. 

0:30–Welcome! And icebreaker
8:42–Book intro
11:46–How this book subverts genre
21:00–Monster of the week v. bigger issues
31:15–Magical girl romance
33:26–evil magical girls
39:15–ratings and graphic design corner
44:45–Listener feedback!
46:29–What’s up next?

It’s Never Too Late to Be a Magical Girl! –
The Evolution of the Magical Girl in Manga and Anime – 

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