BSG #81: Cord, Short for Corduroy / Pineapple Street

Join us in the formal dining room for our discussion of Pineapple Street by Jenny Jackson. We talk about satire (and how this book isn’t that), class and the antics of The Rich, the characters, and nepo babies. Then we get into some fun listener feedback and talk about what we might write on that blog we used to do. Check out The Power (TV series) for our next Othersode on 6/27 – and revisit our episode on The Power by Naomi Alderman to prep! Then read along with us for our next Bookpisode on Chain-Gang All-Stars by Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah on 7/11. Go leave us a (5 star) rating and a review right this moment, please! Send your feedback or questions to or DM us on IG!

:30 — Welcome!! And icebreaker
4:42 — Book intro and spoiler warning
7:00 — Why is everyone gushing about this?
15:15 — Are these characters…characters?
36:37 — What is this saying about class
40:33 — Let’s talk about Jenny Jackson
50:03 — why is Curtis here?
51:56 — Ratings
53:25 — Listener feedback
58:00 — What’s on the blog? What’s up next?

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