BSG #74: Communing with Cats / The Women Could Fly

Special guest Carrie joins Emily and Kelli to discuss The Women Could Fly by Megan Giddings! The gang talks about what it means to be a woman, how dystopias traditionally neglect POC, and how one of the love interests is hotter than the rest. Come see if magic is real and tune in!
On our next ep, we’ll talk about AMC’s Interview with the Vampire. Halloween is never really over in our hearts. Drop us a line at!

:30–welcome special guest and breaking the ice!
8:05–book intro
10:57–what does it mean to be a woman?
27:57–bodily autonomy
32:35–who counts as a woman? Who gets to be a witch?
41:30–love interests!
54:26–magic is real
59:52–let’s rate it
1:06:15–listener feedback!!
1:14:15–what’s on the blog? What’s up next?

Abortion advocacy groups: The Pink House Fund
List of national abortion funds:
Indigenous Women Rising
The AFIYA Center

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