BSG #73: Go Watch Underwater / Our Wives Under the Sea

Sink to the bottom of the sea with us for a discussion of Julia Armfield’s debut novel, “Our Wives Under the Sea.” We’ll talk grief metaphors large and small, pacing, character preference, and, of course, the widely seen and beloved 2020 horror film “Underwater” star
ring Kristen Stewart. Do you have thoughts on this book or on the film “Underwater?” Send them to Stay tuned for our next episode on Netflix’s “The Midnight Club” on 11/14, and then read along for our next bookpisode on “The Women Could Fly” by Megan Giddings, where we’ll be joined by special guest Carrie (11/28)!

:30- A sweet poem and welcome to us/ icebreakers
13:20– Book intro
15:40– What do we think of the book setup? Is there a better narrator? (Yes)
26:00–Is this book romantic?
34:32–Is this horror?
43:20– The end
55:36–What is it about the sea? And ratings
1:02:58– What’s on the blog? What’s up next?


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