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BSG #7: Hello, Infant / All the Ugly and Wonderful Things

Find out what happens when the whole Book Squad finally agrees on a book! (As Kelli says, now we know “what we can all get on board with.”) This week the Squad discusses Bryn Greenwood’s “All the Ugly and Wonderful Things,” and questions their own morals as they root for a very problematic relationship to succeed. Listen as they dissect Wavy and Kellen’s relationship, the book’s varying POVs, and why they’re mostly happy for Wavy in the end. Plus, the Squad answers “IT” questions and talks about other horror movies. Don’t forget to enter our “Borne” giveaway! Simply rate, review and email us!

0:47 – Intro: our happy things this week

4:50 – Summary time
8:46 – General thoughts and Goodreads ratings
18:00 – Horror stories from Goodreads
22:40 – Kellen and mental age and ~morality~
28:57 – POV is jumpin’ jumpin’
36:25 – Characters of all sorts
42:00 – Kellen—and WHAT EXACTLY WENT DOWN
47:26 – So, Amy’s a lesbian
50:29 – Is this a love story? Yes, but…

54:40 – “IT” questions and comments (we just love Stephen King ok)
1:17:20 – What’s on the blog AND GIVEAWAY NEWS!
1:23:30 – Specific giveaway details. Please enter! For more information, visit

Next time on BSG: A special minisode discussion of “Room” — the book and the movie.

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