BSG #69: A Chilling Portrait of Womanhood / Notes on an Execution

The Book Squad visits death row this week with our discussion about “Notes on an Execution” by Danya Kukafka. We talk about the narrative structure and writing style, morality and choice, and the fascination with serial killers and crime. Next we get into some feedback for “Book of Night” and catch up with what’s on the blog. Returning special guest Tirzah Price (author of “Sense and Second-Degree Murder”) will join us for our next Othersode on Netflix’s new “Persuasion” adaptation on July 25th. For our next Bookpisode, we’ll be covering “Olga Dies Dreaming” by Xóchitl González with special guest Janet Dale on August 8th. Send your listener feedback to or DM us on social media. Don’t forget to leave us a (five star!) review on Apple podcasts.

0:30 — Welcome!
6:48 — Book intro
12:00 — POV
22:22 — Why these women? Why not the victims?
34:10 — Philosophy and morality
47:46 — Looking for meaning in the psyche of violent men
53:5 — Why do we care about what Ansel thinks?
1:08:52 — Final thoughts and reviews
1:12:53 — Feedback!
1:15:30 — What’s on the blog? What’s up next?

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