BSG #66: I Draw the Line at Teeth / Reprieve

The Book Squad locks themselves in a full-contact haunted house for the night in their latest episode! Just kidding, but they do discuss Reprieve by James Han Mattson. Reprieve explores themes of race and horror throughout its twisting, nonlinear narrative.
Join us next time when we discuss Weekend at Bernie’s, at long last, just in time to celebrate Susan’s new bb. After that, we’re talking all things Sundial by one of Emily’s faves, Catriona Ward.

:30– intro q
4:33–book intro
7:00–structure and writing
18:30–McKamey Manor
28:40–horror and race
1:00:00–why does this book take place in the 90s?
1:06:14–the ending
1:18:40–what’s on the blog? What’s up next?


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