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Looking for a book club but don't have time to squeeze real-life meetings into your schedule? Join Book Squad Goals, a bi-weekly podcast about—you guessed it—books, plus all the garbage pop culture we consume when we’re not reading (that’s what our “othersodes” are for!). While you’re paying attention, check out our website & blog at, where we have weekly posts about books, pop culture, and probably our pets. We love our pets.

BSG #5: The Book is Always Better: The Girl with All the Gifts

Special guest Adam joins the squad for a discussion of M. R. Carey’s “The Girl with All the Gifts.” We talk zombie tropes, narrative style, and what it means to be human. We also talk about the movie, which we were led to believe would be better than it was. Plus: five-minute Bachelorette thoughts, what’s on the BSG blog, and what’s happening in our next minisode (spoiler alert: we’ve got our first author interview!).

3:05 – Introducing special guest, Adam!

4:45 – Introduction to the book and the terribleness of Goodreads summaries
10:22 – Initial thoughts and ratings (no half stars, cheaters!)
21:28 – What does ‘TGWATG’ add to the genre?
25:48 – Zombies and video games
29:20 – But why zombies? Explaining them is a choice
30:35 – Melanie! And what it means to be human
40:05 – POV issuesssss
47:20 – Book vs movie (where are the junkets??)
51:09 – Race implications in the book and movie
Links referenced:
58:45 – Sally, why did you say “Girls Trip” was good?
59:47 – The ending of the movie
1:03:36 – Movies that are better than the book – tell us your thoughts!

1:05:02 – “5-minute” Bachelorette finale thoughts
+ Susan’s Bachelorette blog post:

1:12:10 – “Perfect Little World” listener questions and comments: true love, BBQ, and the IRB
1:17:11 – “Couple Next Door” questions and comments: Doritos and irredeemable books
1:27:50 – What’s on the blog! The Bachelorette, “Hamlet,” “Angels in America,” and a pantsless Oscar Isaac.

1:30:00 – Next time on BSG: A special children’s lit minisode with Laurel Snyder (complete with a signed book giveaway!)

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