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BSG #4: A Tale of Group Parenting, Romance, and BBQ / Perfect Little World

BBQ. Child Psychology. Group Parenting. Kevin Wilson’s “Perfect Little World” has just about everything, but the Squad would really like some more reality show-style trash, please. Join the Squad as we discuss the novel’s characters, pacing, and of course, the significance of the almighty BBQ. Plus, the Squad tells you what we’re into lately and answers listener questions on “Horrorstör” and “The Handmaid’s Tale.” Stick around for hot takes on which Fiennes brother is the superior one and why dry weddings are the worst.

00:16 – Disclaimer: We’re still learning how microphones work
00:56 – Introductions: Cute pet stories!

6:48 – Introduction to “Perfect Little World” by Kevin Wilson
8:40 – General thoughts and our review of the book
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15:08 – What happens at the end of the book?
16:10 – Pancakes = love
16:32 – Are there enough chances for Izzy to find love in the novel?
17:56 – Emily REALLY HATES David
19:50 – Tiny Kelli in a black beret in art school
20:35 – Izzy and Dr. Grind and other affairs of the heart
22:31 – If your parents are named Ellen and Jeremy, you were adopted
24:13 – On a craft level, what is the point of having this many damn characters?
25:01 – Preston Grind’s evil parents
26:35 – How the novel deals with mental illness
31:49 – Where are everyone’s parents?
33:45 – Can we talk about BBQ?
39:50 – What made Mary throw the book across the room

43:10 – “Horrorstör” Questions! Panopticon Prisons?
45:34 – Were these employees destined to be punished by the warden? Or was it just random?
50:17 – What motivated the ghosts and the warden?

52:32 – “The Handmaid’s Tale” Questions! Humanizing refugees.
55:55 – Aunt Lydia… how are we supposed to handle her?
58:44 – Happy Father’s Day, Emily’s dad! He has “The Handmaid’s Tale” questions too.
1:11:51 – Women can be just as misogynistic as men

1:13:34 – Things we’re into right meow!
1:21:18 – Get ready to read “The Girl with All the Gifts” by M.R. Carey for next month’s podcast!
1:22:37 – Send us your pet pics and we will post them on Instagram! — email us at!

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