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BSG #37: The Lesbians Next Door / Elevation & Interview w/Kelly Watt

The #BookSquad returns to Castle Rock for a short, uplifting novella by Stephen King. We dig into Elevation to discuss small town politics, tolerance, body issues, and what the heck is going on with our protagonist’s strange weight loss. Plus, we interview Kelly Watt, author of the novel “Mad Dog.” Join us for an extra book in our next #othersode on February 10 as we talk about “The Remaking” by Clay McLeod Chapman. Then join us on February 24 for our next official #bookpisode on “The Need” by Helen Philips. Send listener feedback to and don’t forget to subscribe on Apple podcasts!


1:16–what’s your fave novella or short story?
8:43–novel intro
10:30–conflict in the novel
23:00—Scott’s condition
33:15–the ending
39:06–but what is this story doing?
47:45–the tweet controversy
54:50–interview with Kelly Watt
1:25:40–listener feedback
1:27:55–what’s on the blog? What’s up next?

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