Bookaccino Book Club: Miranda Cowley Heller

Miranda Cowley Heller joins Carol Fitzgerald for a “Bookaccino Live” Book Group program to discuss her debut novel, The Paper Palace.

Please note that this program is full of spoilers, unlike our interview with Miranda last year, as yes, this is a book group discussion where we assume that everyone has read the book. Miranda talks about the depth of her characters and the need to see the situation through their eyes to grasp the complexity of their choices. She also talks about why she chose to write in first person and set a special timeframe. We conduct a poll about what our book group attendees thought about the ending, and Miranda discusses her choice to write it the way she did. She also talks about writing the screen adaptation for HBO.

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Book Discussed This Episode: The Paper Palace by Miranda Cowley Heller

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Photography Credit: Greg Fitzgerald

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