Bigme 2022 e-readers and e-notes to get Google Play

There are precious few e-notes and e-readers on the market that have Google Play right out of the box. Dasung has them on their Not an E-Reader line, Onyx and Boyue also have Play, but you have to manually enable the services and can take up to 48 hours for everything to populate. Bigme is one of the best emerging brands and are quickly making a name for themselves releasing a series of large screen e-notes that have Kaleido Plus color e-paper. They also have developed the best 13.3 e-note on the market with the best hardware specs. Bigme has told Good e-Reader that they are going one step further, they will be issuing a firmware update to have Google Play preinstalled on all of their 2022 hardware, which all have English. They have started with the Bigme B1 Max + Color and will be introducing it with all of their other models in the coming weeks.  This is welcome news and will finally be one of the deciding factors to go with with a Bigme device to install millions of free and paid apps.

The Bigme B1 Max+ Color is likely one of the best color e-notes on the market. It has a giant 10.3 inch display, that can easily read A4 documents in full color. It has white and amber LED lights to provide a front-lit display and color temperature system. The hardware specs are also very compelling. It is powered by a Quad-core 2.3 GHZ processor, 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage, which will house thousands of books and PDF documents. On a software level, it is running Android 11 and now has Google Play. This is a very excellent upgrade, because you can launch all of your favorite apps, and they will be in full color. You will finally be able to read you favorite comics, manga and magazines.

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