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Black Chick Lit is a twice-monthly podcast that talks books by and for black women. Join Dani and Mollie as they talk prose, drink wine and laugh at their own jokes.

BCL Chat: What Was Your First Book Love?

If anyone asks, we delayed this episode because we knew you’d need something to get you through the travesty that was the ChumpCare vote today.

You’re welcome.

In this episode of the podcast, we wanted to know your first book. What made you the type of person to listen to two strangers talk books on the Internet?

We share rate your responses, make enemies with cab drivers and (somehow) share our first period stories. Trust us, it makes sense in context.

Thanks to @charelliam@whoaskedash@havuqtefinished@prettyjoyful08,  @unicorninkk, @MonaFeesa@LocPressedBooks and @diancalondon for their contributions!

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Join us for the next regular episode when we discuss The Hate You Giveby Angie Thomas.

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