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Black Chick Lit is a twice-monthly podcast that talks books by and for black women. Join Dani and Mollie as they talk prose, drink wine and laugh at their own jokes.

BCL Chat: A Chat with Beverly Jenkins!

It’s finally here! We got to speak with the Queen of Black Historicals herself, Beverly Jenkins, and it was a blast. It’s easy to see where Loreli’s feistiness comes from.

We ask her about her place in the romance genre, her writing process and her personal opinions of men with mustaches. (Spoiler alert: She’s #TeamStache.) We also learn what she’s currently working on and what she hopes to achieve in the future.

(We had a slight technical glitch at 44:10. We apologize for the loss of Ms. Jenkins response! ?)

Thanks to everyone who submitted questions for Ms. Jenkins: @MochaGirlsRead, @EveryWoman98, @unicorninkk, @srmilesauthor, @IamTammiJ and @chandrathompson.

Next month, we’re jumping back into the world of YA, so don’t be surprised if we get shady. We’re reading Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi.

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