Amazon’s Send to Kindle feature still supports sending MOBI file

Amazon started offering support for DRM-free EPUB files that are e-mailed to Kindle e-readers since April last year. That was a surprise move that perhaps none had expected coming from Amazon given how ferociously protective the retail giant usually is with regard to the sort of content that could be read via Kindle devices. For Amazon, the ideal scenario would be to source all of your content requirements from the Kindle Store.

Now, Amazon had also announced at the time it would be ending support for sending MOBI files to Kindle by the end of 2022. Surprisingly, that is yet to come into effect even though we are well into 2023 already. This sure isn’t a huge deal as there aren’t a lot of people who seem to care either. As it is MOBI file format has a few limitations though Amazon hasn’t entirely stopped support for the file format. The same applies to the AZW format as well.

Another development as can be seen in the Amazon Send to Kindle page is that it is now claiming the support for MOBI and AZW files would be ending in early 2023, which is in contrast to the earlier timeline wherein it claimed the support would be withdrawn by the end of 2022. So, what is apparent is that the support would be eventually withdrawn, it’s just that it has been delayed by a few months at the most. Amazon also stated any MOBI file already present in your Kindle would work as usual even though it won’t be able to support all the newest features Kindle has to offer.

So, while the option to send MOBI or AZW files to your Amazon e-mail address won’t last long, the same can still be done via a USB cable. Prior to that, you will have to convert the MOBI or AZW files to EPUB using Calibre.

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