Amanda Eyre Ward: The Lifeguards

Amanda Eyre Ward joins Carol Fitzgerald to talk about her latest novel, The Lifeguards.

This novel follows a close-knit group of mothers who have raised their 15-year-old sons together. One night, their sons return from their jobs as lifeguards and share something that shakes their mothers to the core. The aftereffects of this incident could upend everything in their lives as they move through a flurry of police reports, neighborhood drama, and conflicted relationships.

Amanda talks to Carol about what inspired her to start this story: the unpleasant reality of people who lack empathy, and what their mothers must go through. They talk about themes that are a part of the book motherhood, privilege, money, longing, and family. Amanda had been one of our last interviews before we closed the office in 2020, where she talked about her former book The Jetsetters.

Book Discussed in the Episode The Lifeguards by Amanda Eyre Ward

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Photography Credit: Greg Fitzgerald

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