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Abigail Hing Wen On Claiming Space With Our Stories

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Curious about choosing the best editor for your story? Ways to carve out writing time amidst a busy schedule? Or how about crafting strong characters? We talk about it all and more with Abigail Hing Wen.

Abigail is the author of her debut novel Loveboat, Taipei which just released this week! 

Abigail and I kick off the conversation talking about how she discovered her love for storytelling at such a young age and how it inspired her career path working in law, business, and being an author. She shares her experience showing her family her writing for the first time and how her vulnerability strengthened her craft. We then dive into her debut novel, Loveboat, Taipei and chat about the inspiration behind the story and how she crafted her characters by drawing from personal experience. She reflects on getting her MFA at Vermont College of Fine Arts and spills her top three takeaways from the program that helped boost confidence in her writing. And later, we talk about her adventurous research process, how to pick the best editor for your story, and tips on finding time to write with an insanely busy schedule. 

Storytellers, be sure to download the writing prompt that Abigail created just for our community by heading over to her shownotes page at 88cupsoftea.com/abigail-hing-wen. You’ll also find bonus content over in her shownotes page with things that tie in with our conversation. And be sure to catch Abigail’s Instagram story takeover by heading over to Instagram.com/88cupsoftea! If you’d love a chance at winning a copy of “Loveboat, Taipei”, be sure to check out our Instagram stories for directions!  

Please say ‘Hi’ to Abigail on Twitter! https://twitter.com/abigailhingwen

Head over to her shownotes page at https://88cupsoftea.com/abigail-hing-wen/‎ ‎to download her writing prompt and find the resources and books mentioned in her episode, tweetable quotes, and the timestamps of highlights throughout the entire conversation. 

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