So Many Damn Books

Hosted ByChristopher & Drew

Christopher (@cdhermelin) and Drew (@drewsof) talk about reading, literature, publishing, and trying to make it through their never-dwindling stack of things to read. All with a themed drink in their hands.

Recorded at the Damn Library in Brooklyn, NY. For show info, book lists, and drink recipes, visit

92: Hannah Pittard (VISIBLE EMPIRE) & Ralph Ellison’s INVISIBLE MAN

Hannah Pittard drops back into the Damn Library after writing and editing and publishing an entire new novel called Visible Empire! While drinking a cocktail featuring guava and egg white, she and the guys get way into 1962, how you need to make sure your ex knows where you got your ideas from, and how you should always kill the dog, amongst other topics. They also all discuss Ralph Ellison’s classic novel Invisible Man, and how the speeches are excellent, it’s devastating, but there’s also nice parts. 


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music: Disaster Magic – Get Raining


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