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On Publishing is a podcast about books and publishing. Each episode features an interview with a publishing professional, including book editors and publishers, marketers and publicists, book designers and sales executives, as well as writers and authors from all categories and genres of publishing. In each interview we'll seek to draw out relevant stories and experiences from our guests, and discover some of the key lessons or truths they've discovered. We seek to provide this inside look at the industry for aspiring writers, book lovers, and anyone seeking a career in book publishing.

6. Jennifer Baker, Managing Editor, Random House Children’s Books – “Preparing a Manuscript for Publication”

Jennifer N. Baker, managing editor at Random House Children’s Books, talks with us about the nuts and bolts of the book production process, how to begin a career in publishing, as well as her passion for fonts. We also discuss the advocacy Jenn has done as part of We Need Diverse Books and her own podcast Minorities in Publishing. Jenn is a contributing editor for the online magazine Electric Literature, an in-demand speaker, and the general editor of the short fiction collection Everyday People: The Color of Life. Jenn was also named the 2019 Publishers Weekly Star Watch “Superstar” for her varied work championing diversity in the book industry. If you enjoyed this episode please leave a review and subscribe to On Publishing so you can keep up with future weekly episodes. If you have any questions about writing or publishing that you’d like us discuss, or other people you think we should interview, send us an e-mail at info@thebinderyagency.com. Include the word “Podcast” in the subject line of your message. This episode was hosted by Alex Field and Ingrid Beck, edited by Joey Howell, and the music is by Not The King. Produced by The Bindery Agency, www.TheBinderyAgency.com.

Find out more about Jenn at her website www.jennifernbaker.com or connect with her on Instagram or Twitter (@jbakernyc). Listen to episodes of the MINORITIES IN PUBLISHING podcast at https://minoritiesinpublishing.tumblr.com/episodes.

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