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5 Reasons Why Using E-Readers Is Great For Your Business

For a long time E-readers have been synonymous with books, thanks to products like the Amazon Kindle and the Kobo Forma book lovers have been able to enjoy great titles anywhere in the palm of their hand.

However, an increasing amount of business savvy entrepreneurs are re-purposing this device for use in their businesses, replacing books with bar charts and novels with numbers. Thanks to great cloud data storage services and virtual data rooms such as Firmex companies are able to keep all of their files online and allow employees to access them paper-free and carry the around in the palm of their hand.

So with that in mind, here are 5 reasons why using an E-reader can be great for your business.

1. They Save You Money In The Long Term

Though paper may initially seem cheaper, it doesn’t actually take much time for an e-reader to start proving its worth. When you factor in the cost of printer maintenance, toner, delivery costs, and a printers electric bill, you can start seeing your e-readers pay for themselves within a few years. E-readers are also a vastly cheaper alternative to buying a tablet, which has more features than necessary for simple on thre go file browsing.

2. They Are Better For The Environment

There’s no denying that businesses can produce a massive amount of paper waste, but with e-readers, the need for paper is eliminated. This means fewer trees are cut down and fewer fossil fuels are expended delivering your paper every month. Not only that, but E-readers are also vastly more energy-efficient than their tablet counterparts, meaning less electricity is needed to charge them and charges are more infrequent.

3. They Cause Less Eye Strain

Staring at a monitor or tablet with a high-resolution display is not good for you and days spent in front of a bright monitor or display can pretty quickly cause visual fatigue. However, reports have shown that e-readers and their page like screens significantly reduce eye strain, which can help boost productivity as well as morale. The low light screen of an e-reader also means if you’re browsing files on the go there’s less chance of glare from sunlight.

4. Gifting Employees A Company E-Reader Can Boost Morale

Everyone likes a gift, and giving your employees an e-reader for work but allowing them to also use it for leisure can provide a great morale boost to keep your employees motivated. This is as it proves you not only value their work but also want to ensure they’re satisfied outside of the workplace as well. An e-reader is also great for accessing news and magazines, keeping your employees up on date on current events and trends.

5. An E-Reader Allows You To Access Your Assets On The Go

An e-reader allows for the complete digitalization of your assets and data, and provided you’ve downloaded your files first, it allows you to access them in the palm of your hand anywhere you want regardless of Internet connection. It allows for better organization and as a result increases productivity. It also allows for easily shared documentation and/or books that you may want your employees to read, made available to them at the touch of a button.

The low light output of an e-reader also makes the screen harder to read for people other than the person in front of the screen. Compared to their tablet counterparts e-readers are far more discreet, meaning company files can be accessed in public without the fear of strangers seeing your data and breaking your company’s privacy regulations.


So with these reasons in mind, consider investing in using e-readers for your company today, and elevate your business to the next level.

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