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Welcome to You’re Booked, the podcast for literary nosy parkers who would like the chance to snoop around their favourite authors’ bookshelves.

I’m Daisy Buchanan, your Book Inspector, and I’ll be asking our guests all about the first forbidden books they read under the covers, the beloved books they have borrowed, and never given back, and those impressive heavyweight hardbacks that make them look like intellectual giants – even though they couldn’t get beyond the first twenty pages.

We’ll also be talking about what makes readers into writers, how our guests became book lovers and their favourite reading memories, all with a dash of intelligence and a dollop of irreverence. Our guests include Dolly Alderton, Nina Stibbe, Nikesh Shukla, and many more favourites from our own bookshelves.

24. Julie Cohen

Today we travel to, appropriately enough, Reading to visit with the award-winning, multi-million-selling author Julie Cohen! Born in Maine (and yes, Stephen King looms large in her life) Julie cut her teeth writing Mills & Boon romances before constructing her critically acclaimed novels Dear Thing, Together and Louis and Louise. We discussed Irving, Vonnegut, New England, libraries, learning your craft, teaching and the troubles she faced with her book Together.


Daisy Buchanan – The Sisterhood

Anna Hope – Expectation

Julie Cohen – Together

Julie Cohen – Louis & Louise

Stephen Wade – Conan Doyle & the Crimes Club

Arthur Conan Doyle – Original Illustrated Sherlock Holmes

Richard Adams – Watership Down

Arthur Conan Doyle – Complete Sherlock Holmes

Judy Blume – Forever

VC Andrews – Flowers in the Attic

William March – The Bad Seed

Phillip Roth – The Breast

William Peter Blatty. – The Exorcist

Stephen King – Elevation

Julian Barnes – Arthur & George

John Irving – Cider House Rules

John Irving – A Prayer For Owen Meany

Jody Picoult – A Spark of Light

Kurt Vonnegut – Cat’s Cradle

Julie Cohen – One Night Stand

Julie Cohen – Being a Bad Girl

William Goldman – Princess Bride

Julie Cohen – Featured Attraction

Julie Cohen – Delicious

Julie Cohen – Driving Him Wild

Julie Cohen – All Work and No Play

Barbara Sleigh – Carbonel

Julie Cohen – Spirit Willing, Flesh Weak

Jane Austen – Pride and Prejudice

Thomas Hardy – Far From The Madding Crowd

Louis Sachar – Holes

Emily Bronte – Wuthering Heights

Clare Mackintosh – I Let You Go

Ann Rule – Stranger Beside Me

Hallie Rubenhold – The Five

Hallie Rubenhold – Covent Garden Ladies

Ric Menck – Notorious Byrd Brothers

Rick Riordan – Percy…

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