204 – How to Write a Bestseller

I’ve covered a lot recently on author platform this year, but I almost never talk about craft. It’s time! If I wanted to rename this post, instead of How to Write a Bestseller it could be called Write Good Books to Sell More Books or Sell More Books with Your Craft.

At least, a little. I literally have a master’s degree in fiction, but craft isn’t my favorite thing to teach. Mostly because it’s subjective. I do sometimes work with authors one on one regarding craft, but I find the focus on selling easier for ME.

WHY? Because authors are emotionally invested in their craft. So, discussing this is hard. We either think our books are amazing or terrible, and we have a lot of feelings on the subject.

People don’t always respond well when they ask why their books aren’t selling and the answer is: your writing.


I know it hurts. I’ve sat silently through critiques in grad school while people shredded my work. Just … destroyed. I got over it. Having a beer at the bar with everyone after helped. For today and this post though, we’re going to try to look a bit more objectively at our own craft.

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