”I think we ought to read only the kind of books that wound and stab us.” – Franz Kafka


If you peer at our world through the glasses of the folks at Atlas Obscura, life on planet earth is nothing less than an encyclopedia of wonders. Simply open the heavy cover, blow off the book dust, and inhale the aroma of thousands of years of worldly mystery. The other thing that the Atlas Obscura website offers us creative types, is a nearly foolproof way to thrust yourself right out of the most pig-headed writers block you’ve ever had. For example, click HERE and just try not to think of a darkly charming short story about a Swedish artist and a mermaid…

This week’s bookish links:

city-of-dragons.jpgCheck out new book excerpts each week at Chptr1.com. This week: Read an excerpt from City of Dragons, a fun book set in San Francisco in 1939.

Here’s a brand spanking new Writerscast interview with Derrick Jensen, author of Lives Less valuable.

…Also new on WritersCast: The Publishing Talks channel – thoughts, ideas and concepts currently being discussed in the publishing industry.


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