Let’s give a round of applause for the old analog slowness. Clunky lazy machinery, floppy printed paper, markers and scissors, bourbon and knitting, crock pots. Dropping a needle into a groove is just too satisfying for vinyl to die, and so it goes with the inexplicable paper-based pleasures of weird little books of poetry created by blocking out certain words from newspapers (newspaper blackout), and the ephemeral collections of nerds who find and appreciate people’s personal letterhead (letterheady) – here‘s Houdini’s. I still write letters sometimes. Do you?

Ultimately, no matter how Matrix we get we still need to park our arses on a real chair and use our fingers to type (at least for now.) Where do you write?

Better yet, where do you read?

Something else worth a clink of your glass is the chapbook, and The Collagist, which is indeed an online literary journal, is holding a good old fashioned chapbook contest. It doesn’t get more old school than a chapbook. I am so relieved, but not surprised, that seemingly archaic art forms and media do not always become artifacts in a museum, but remain real living expressions, having finally learned how to dance beautifully from stapled and dusty, to ones and zeros, and back again, effortlessly.

Quick! The contest ends tomorrow.

Meanwhile, in slow land, The Rumpus talks to the Bolinas winemaker, here.

P.S. The gentleman behind The Collagist and the awesome Dzanc Books (an amazing collaboration of a number of relatively young writers, editors and literary activists, founded in 2006), is Matt Bell. He is delightfully interviewed on Writerscast here. Not to be missed.


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