Stories From The Backseat

September 30, 2011 | 1 Comment

Here’s a voice that has been mostly unheard of in books – A Chicago taxi driver has written a book brimming with rich stories of cab life: Hack: Stories from a Chicago Cab… A ‘Hack’ Shares Years Of Stories From A Chicago Cab “A cab driver’s job is relatively straightforward: shuttle riders from door to [...]

Think of “Float” as a bigger, better fork with which to consume more and more giant bites of the delicious salad of multimedia.

When it rains it pours! We’ve had so many fantastic guest posts recently. Thank you, thank you. And special thanks this week to Leora Skolkin-Smith for allowing us to post her wonderful piece from the Fiction Studio Books blog. Enjoy… The Writer In Politics by Leora Skolkin-Smith The question of “The Writer in Politics” is [...]

Crunching Books

August 11, 2011 | 1 Comment

Finally someone innovates the e-book publishing platform –

Our friend David Wilk over at Bootktrix (“Every trick in the book!”) has a new blog post up about the end of Borders Books. He has kindly allowed Livewires to repost the piece here. Thank you David! For more breaking news on publishing and books please visit the Booktrix blog and the Booktrix website (creative [...]

In the snarky vein of Go The F*ck To Sleep, the book marketing sensation of recent internet meme fame, comes a new one: All My Friends Are Dead. It is zapping over the electron highway to a social network near you – and soon, very soon, probably to the bookshelves of at least half the [...]

Every once in a while we here at Livewires pose a question to an author. Our question for the summer is… How do you see the world changing from a writer’s point of view? We posed the question to author (and friend) Erica-Lyn Huberty. Erica-Lynn lives and writes on Long Island, and is the author [...]

So, how many of you have been emailed the pfd of GO THE F* TO SLEEP? It has been sent to me a handful of times. The book’s not on sale yet but it has been on the Amazon’s bestseller list all week. Piracy = book sales? How Viral PDFs Of A Naughty Bedtime Book [...]

One author complains that “Peddling my work like a Viagra salesman still feels at odds with the high calling of literature” – and yet even before the decline of publisher’s marketing departments and the upsurge of the self-promotion wizardry of social media (or is it more like an albatross?), authors were stuck holding the vile [...]

Our best art forms remain real living expressions, having finally learned how to dance beautifully from stapled and dusty, to ones and zeros, and back again, effortlessly.

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